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August 5th, 2010

08:54 pm - It's about time for Christmas, Yunalai-styled
 Guess what~? :P I've written a bunch of more work! Read to your hearts' content! :D

Title: Alone Time, Rating: M
Summary: One-shot, AU - A boy and a girl, alone in a house... Warning: Lemon

Title: Better Think Again, Rating: T
Summary: One-shot, AU - If he believes I'm gonna give Yuna up, he better think again. /one-sided Tuna/

Title: Life Saver, Rating: K
Summary: Yuna's guardian angel breathes life back into her lungs. drabble, AU

Title: Stardust, Rating: K+
Summary: One-shot. Her feelings migrated, her affection reciprocated, and her love was reborn in another. hints of Tidus/Yuna, post-game

Title: Primal Urges, Rating: T
Summary: One-shot. Where Yuna attempts to seduce the most virtuous man in Spira. Warning: suggestive themes, partial nudity

Title: Second Chances, Rating: K+
Summary: /One-shot, Gen/ A private moment in the cabin after the final battle.

Title: Bloody Murder, Rating: T
Summary: One-shot. First impressions matter in the long run, at least when it comes to sizing up the prospective groom. /starring Cid/

Title: Kizuna, Rating: K+
Summary: AU fic - Baralai was a mystery, a puzzle Yuna wanted to solve. What kind of soul hid behind the facade of silence? 

Title: The Pilgrimage, Rating: M 
Summary: One day, the world will be a safer place, and they can live happily ever after. series of Yuna/Baralai vignettes

Title: Of Teenagers and Hormones, Rating: T
Summary: AU - A Christmas party where hormonal teenagers have a fire-breathing, trash-talking bald dragon for a supervisor, and a love triangle blooms in the midst of it all. Tuna, Yunalai... Baralidus?

Title: Playing Favorites, Rating: T
Summary: A series of random one-shots. Baralai-centric, hints of Yunalai
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July 19th, 2009

12:17 pm
I wrote a new one-shot! It's AU, and has a homely feel to it. Enjoy! :3

Home Sweet Home

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April 27th, 2009

12:27 am - Hiya!

That's a neat picture, quistislangley. ^^ I especially love how you drew Baralai and his hair. XD Though their body structures need a little work... lol

I'm new also, and I've posted some Yunalai stories on FF.Net.

The Road Ahead - A joint project between me and Razer Athane, another user at FF.Net. The story's timeline takes place during FFX-2, from Yuna and Baralai's first chance meeting to the end of the game; in other words, a summarization of the plot. 

Kiss And Make Up - A three-shot based in an alternate universe. Baralai taking care of a sickie Yuna. =3

Late Into The Afternoon - A poem in Baralai's POV of his feelings for Yuna.

Time Will Tell - A two-piece poem, reflecting both their feelings for each other. It has rhymes. You've been warned. :p

I wish their could be more fan work of this pairing. If I have to, I'll make it my life dedication to write stories of this couple. Speaking of which, I don't mind taking requests, if you like my writing style. :)
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April 7th, 2009

10:50 pm - Hello There! xD
I'm New!!!! xD
and I love so much Yuna x Baralai (or Yunalai or Yu/Ba)  xxDD

this is my tribute of Yunalai FC *___*

This is my  prototype drawn of Photoshop
(the background of Korel Painter)

I Love this scene!!!! *çç*

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July 29th, 2007

06:43 pm
Title: Lingering
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2
Characters: Baralai, Yuna
Rating: PG
Summary: A quick bit about what happened before Yuna left the stadium at the end of FFX-2.


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April 10th, 2007

10:21 pm - I think the Tidus x Yuna fanbase will KILL me for this...
But since there's a massive lack of Yunalai fanart, etc, I wanted to do this. I manip'd Yuna and Baralai together. ♥

Version 1

Version 2

Feel free to use it as a base. You can credit me, I don't care. But I hope you enjoy! (And I hope the TxY fans don't kill me in my sleep...)

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December 2nd, 2006

09:03 am - About time the lazy owner speaks up!
Oh my goodness this community was neglected for one whole month ;_; [bad owner]

I'll probably be putting up a list of Yunalai fics here for everyone in the next few days (hopefully I won't get too many OTs) and last but not least...

Just like to state that prude_love is proudly listed in the ff_press watchlist, and hence everyone please feel free to post any Yuna or Baralai works here =D Share the love with everyone out there and brainwash more people!
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October 31st, 2006

11:31 am - Fic Recc
So I was poking around FF.net a while ago and I stumbled across a new Yunalai! Is it any good, you ask? Would I really be recc'ing it if it wasn't? :p There were a few *very* minor mistakes, but, to paraphrase the review I left, it's very sweet and nicely written, has good grammar and word usage, and the characterizations are spot-on.

We really do need more Yunalai in the world. ;)

Enjoy! :D
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October 22nd, 2006

08:21 pm - You can kill me now
So I've finally wrote my first Yunalai fic, and it... it ended up as a smut fic. Ah you can all kill me now OTL|||

Title: Strip it Down
Rating: M
Warnings: None

Follow this link to my sin

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